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Review of the DVD:

"Why Genesis Matters"

Authors: Various       Publisher: Answers In Genesis - AIG       Copyright   ©2007       Pages:  
Where to purchase:     Answers In Genesis     Link: CMI
Reviewed by:    Jim Hovis, March 2014

A DVD review of “Why Genesis Matters” by Dr. Tommy Mitchell. (AIG production 2007).
       (Reviewed by Jim Hovis, March 14, 2014 and approved by CSFNM).

The DVD begins with a short review of the Creation Museum and its Objective and Purpose, which is to educate folks on the reality of what Genesis says and why they can trust the text as accurate and inspired by God Himself. Tommy Mitchell is a former Medical Doctor and felt led by the Lord to do creation type ministries.

The DVD then begins with the premise that Genesis is foundational to the whole Bible and is itself the basis for what the world was and how it became what it is now. To reject what Genesis says is to discard the Biblical worldview and accept all other views. Dr. Mitchell makes the point that to continue an education in the medical field and any other field as well requires the student to agree with their professor and teachers in order to advance in their education and graduation. Many medical things actually contradict scripture.

On the other side, people frequently say, “How can a preacher tell me what to believe”? What is their basis for that? The medical school professors tell us what to believe, but they claim to have science on their side. Even back as far as 1880 Christians were concerned that the majority of people are rejecting God and accepting science instead. A lot of “Politically Correct” ideas were being forcibly imposed even back then. The DVD gave some illustrations of what rejecting a foundation can mean. How do we know that we are sinners? Where do we get the definition of marriage? Are all those social issues just opinions only? The answer is no, and what God says is foundational and authoritative. If we have a “Last Adam”, then what is the meaning of a “First Adam”? What food was provided for mankind. Why is it different now?

Atheists know that Genesis is foundational and they know what the consequences are to Christianity if Genesis is wrong, yet how is it that they still do not believe?

The DVD makes a note that the largest foe and the most resistance to the Genesis truth are the Liberal Church leaders. Young people are unable to defend their faith to college teachers. They believe the apparent authorities instead of scripture. The fault lies with the Church’s failure to prepare the young people. The young folks need basic answers to social issues and science and such that are real truth. The Churches for the most part seem to teach “Just come to Jesus aand you will be saved”. But on what basis? The reason is crucial. And the question of why is likewise crucial.

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