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"The Mysterious Islands" - A Review of the DVD

Authors: Doug Phillips with son, Josh Phillips       Publisher:       Copyright   ©2009       Run time:   ??
Available in CSFNM's Lending Library
Reviewed by:    Sheryl Johnson, July 2016

A review of the DVD "The Mysterious Islands"

For the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, creationist scientist Doug Phillips decided to fulfill a 25 year dream to go to the Galapagos Islands. The purpose of the boat tour - which was videotaped and beautifully illustrated for our enjoyment - was to test Darwin’s ideas of evolution in light of good truth found in the Bible. He took his son, Josh, 18 at the time, to show him that we really can see the fallacies in believing the Bible to be wrong about the creation of life on Earth. Also on the trip was Geologist Dr. John Morris and a camera crew.

(By the way, my sister Linda recently went on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands and sent me a few pictures of what she saw. I asked her for her opinion of what she saw. She said the animals and the island itself reminded her of the old TV series “Flash Gordon” where they went to strange places and other worlds.)

Dr. Phillips explained that Charles Darwin’s 'Origin of the Species' book came out of Darwin’s 5-year trip on HMS Beagle, where he was allowed to come along as the expedition’s “naturalist”. The ship set sail from Plymouth Sound, England, on 27 December 1831 and returned on 2 October 1836. Darwin spent most of this time exploring on land (three years and three months on land; 18 months at sea) The author’s grandfather and father (who was a clergyman) were Naturalists and taught young Charles to doubt that the Biblical account of creation doesn’t agree with what we see. While on the trip to Africa, South America and the Galapagos Islands, Darwin collected plants and studied birds and came home to England to develop his theories. He eventually wrote that all life originated from one primordial form. Dr. Phillips tells his son Josh - and us - that he believes that Darwin’s ideas were shaped by ideas he had been taught from a child and from that viewpoint, he wore the “wrong glasses”. “We believe”, Doug Phillips told his son “that the Bible is right about how God created all life 'after its kind', so we are wearing the right glasses” and on this trip, he is giving his son the chance to put on those glasses to wear for life.

I really enjoyed this movie because it took me to the Islands to see the varied species of animals there for myself. They took me to Santa Cruz island to see the huge tortoises who are not afraid of people and allowed Josh and his dad to take pictures of them. Then Doug and his son Josh got back on the boat and talked about what they saw and felt. The movie continues on to take us to all the islands and we get to see amazing animals such as Seals, Bats, 13 different species of finches, sea turtles who put their heads up while swimming and take breaths, blue-footed Booby birds who dive bomb from high rocks to get food and take off again. Although they are clumsy on land, Boobys are efficiently beautiful in the sea. The scientists got on wet suits and oxygen tanks and went underwater to view sharks up close that are not predatory to man. We see the iguanas on Fernadina Island who eat algae and warm in the sun. They go down underwater, get food and come up and spit salt out of their noses! We see Cormorants who are birds that cannot fly but they go underwater to get their food, then come up and dry their wings in the sun. All these animals, Dr. Phillips tells us, show how God built into the genetic code an ability to change and adapt behavior to the environment. These are the same species as other animals in other parts of the world, but they just eat and behave differently.

The movie ends with 18 year old Josh himself telling us of his impressions about this expedition and says he definitely can see how Darwin loved and was so impressed by these islands. However, he now believes Darwin got it wrong in thinking these creatures were examples of animals evolving into separate species and praises God for his creation. Josh plans one day to bring his own children to this amazing place.

This movie was a very good and enjoyable production and is full of interesting and educational views. It is a real life adventure that tells a wonderful story and gives glory to God for his very excellent, beautiful, varied and even sometimes comical creation.

This wonderful movie is available in our lending library and I borrowed it at the table in the lobby on a recent general meeting. There it is ready for you to "rent" - free - and enjoy.

For more information about Darwin's 5-year voyage, see: the Wikipedia article "The Voyage of the Beagle".

Map of Darwin's Second (5-year) Voyage

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