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"Flight of Birds" - A Review of two DVDs:
"Flight: the Genius of Birds" by Illustra Media, and
"Formed to Fly" by Answers in Genesis

Authors: Various       Publisher: Answers In Genesis - AIG       Copyright   ©2007       Pages:  
Where to purchase:     Illustra Media     and from:   Answers in Genesis
Reviewed by:    Jim Hovis, March 2014

A review of two DVDs about the "flight" of birds.

Two recent hour-long videos tell of the wonder of bird flight and how it makes nonsense of the idea that all organisms are the product of long ages of chance improvements from very simple beginnings:
                “Flight: the Genius of Birds” by Illustra Media, an Intelligent Design advocate, and
                “Formed to Fly” by young-earth creationist resource Answers in Genesis.

“Formed to Fly” is a recorded Answers in Genesis lecture featuring biologist Dr. David Menton. It opens with a clear, well illustrated explanation of why phylogenetic trees, so common in evolutionary textbooks and magazine articles, are not really evidence for evolution, but are just expressions of evolutionists’ faith.

The fossil record of birds is discussed, revealing glitches in the evolutionary assertions about it. Facts of bird anatomy and growth are presented, comparing them to similar aspects of reptiles. Details of various bird species, living and extinct, are discussed, intelligent design is asserted as the most reasonable explanation of their origin.

Illustra’s DVD, “Flight” is a beautiful documentary with impressive video footage of facts about design of bird eggs, their gestation, design for flight in bird’s skeletons, feathers, and muscular system. Special design is cited in hummingbirds and the amazing close-quarters flying of massive flocks of European starlings. There are highlights of research on the longest regular migration known, that of the Arctic tern.

The theorized evolution of birds from dinosaurs, a subject touched on by both videos, is given a relatively brief consideration in leading to talk about how birds apparently are designed. Naturalism, the doctrine in the philosophy of science that only natural causes may be considered in science, is described as imposed on science because unbiased study leads to the idea that living things have a designer.

With appearances from various professional scientists, “Flight” provides a large amount of impressive information. The contributors seem to ask, “How could evolution theory account for any, let alone all of this?”

One might ask, “A Creationist video and an Intelligent Design video? Aren’t they at odds?” No. Perceptive creationists have recognized all along that the science of the ID-ers (Intelligent Design), as it falsifies evolution’s dogma, is actually a subset of creationist thinking. As such many creationist book and video sellers offer ID products. The ID movement, however, avoids the discussion of the age of the Earth, reference to Scripture, and claims a strict separation from the creationists. In this intellectual climate ID scientists can be brought almost to tears when accused of being creationists.

The differences of science philosophy and faith do not surface in the videos at hand. “Flight” and “Formed” seem naturally synergistic. Even the DVD's cover photos look like different shots of the same bald eagle!

So, which video should we watch? Both! Don’t miss either! Try “Flight” first, then “Formed” to get a very powerful total effect.

Between the two videos, there is little repetition of information, yet no contradiction. Dr. Menton is a very good speaker and clearly presents the material with excellent photos and graphics. The higher-budget Illustra video covers mostly additional material in equally good style.

Reviewed by Allen Johnson, CSFNM, Albuquerque, NM September 27, 2014.

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