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"Evolution's Achilles' Heels"

Authors: Various       Publisher: Creation Ministries International       Copyright   ©2014       Pages:   200+
Where to purchase:     Creation Ministries International - CMI     Link: CMI
Reviewed by:    Jim Hovis, October 2014


A critique of the new DVD, . (CMI).

This DVD is an excellent tool full of information that can be used to discuss issues on Origins with both Creationists and Evolutionists. The DVD covers many areas of scientific disciplines. A summary of the most important issues are listed herein. This information can be used to ask the Evolutionist to defend his own Evolutionary Theory and in the process of discussion, the truth may emerge. The presentation of Scripture (including the Gospel) regarding the bottom line of the whole subject is emphasized at the end of this DVD. This DVD was done in the same way as the Old Moody Science films were done decades ago.

1. Natural selection when examined in real life does not support evolution.
2. Selection can occur only from pre-existing information.
3. Varieties of animals are predicted by both Creationism and Evolutionary Theory.
        (This should not affect the arguments either way)
4. Natural selection by the animals themselves can fit both positions (Creationism or Evolution).
5. Information is required for life.
6. The belief that 98% of the genome is "junk" left over from long ago is no longer believed by Evolutionists,
7. Similarity points to common functions not common ancestry.
8. Genetics supports Creation but not Evolution.
9. Simple life forms are now known to be very complex.
10. Random chemical reactions over a long period of time cannot explain how Evolution works.
11. RNA, besides DNA, is required for life to exist. (In other words, additional information systems are required for it all to work.)
12. Spontaneous generation or origin of life has no supporting evidences using Evolutionary Theory.
13. Enzyme catalysts are also required for life.
14. The question is: where did the information come from?
15. Fossils show rapid deposition by water hydraulics.
16. Many living "species" appear in the fossil record only for short periods of time.
17. How did living "fossils" appear unchanged over such long periods of time?
18. How could soft tissues (in fossils) found survive over long periods of time?
19. Uniformitarianism is no longer accepted by Evolutionists, catastrophes are required to explain the evidences.
20. Contorted rocks indicate fast folding without cracking. They must have been soft at the time of folding.
21. Rapid plate tectonics evidence and no evidence for slow changes.
22. Radioactive dating age calculations contain many assumptions not verified.
23. Recent dating of lava flows indicate ages much too long compared to the actual times of occurrences.
24. Conflicting age data within the rocks and the fossils therein.
25. Radioactive decay rates are now known to vary with time and conditions.
26. Origin issues are limited to what can actually be observed.
27. Red-shift measurements are not reliable. Many anomalies are not explained.
28. Big Bang Theory cannot explain uniformity of the Background Temperature of the outer parts of the Universe.
29. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are unknown and unproven quantities in the operation of the Universe.
30. Cannot do experiments or other origin measurements in accord with the Scientific Method rules.
31. Various men and national leaders who accepted (Darwinian) Evolution have ended up with many evil actions taking place.
32. The conclusion based on the reliability and truth of the Bible is that Divine Creation is a far better argument and very defendable than all the alternatives.

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